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Internet Gambling Bill Moves on To Subcommittee

The following is a list of congressional representatives that serve on the SUBCOMMITTEE ON COMMERCE, TRADE, AND CONSUMER PROTECTION.

When congress resumes in September, this subcommittee will attempt to schedule hearings regarding Barney Frank’s bill to regulate Internet gambling. Those of you that are in support of the IGREA should contact these representatives and express to them your thoughts on the issue and encourage them to not only have the hearings but to co-sponsor HR 2046.

Over recent months, congress has had the opportunity to hear from thousands of constituents in support of this bill. It is now time to reach out to your representative, as many of them are spending the summer break in their districts to learn what issues are important to the voters they represent.

CGW encourages you to call or stop in to their local offices and have face time with the people you put into office to do your bidding. Even if they are not at the office when you arrive, it is important that you state your position on this bill to any aides that may be there.

Congressional aides forward all comments, letter content and concerns to their respective congressperson and often have an influence on issues. It is important that you present not only your opinion to them, but also give reasons for your decisions, be passionate, bring with you a letter that you can leave for the congressman and remember to always be respectful of their position and their aides.

The more information you can give, the more effective this campaign will be. For talking points and address of their offices, please go to the Casino Gambling Web Public Outcry area of our site.

CGW has taken the lead on this issue for all Americans to regain lost freedoms and we will continue to stay at the forefront on your behalf. However, we can not do this alone.

It is very urgent that you get involved. Without your continued support, this important step to restore certain freedoms will be lost. We urge you to act swiftly, and contact your representative and your senator often by any means you can.

Urge family members and friends to do the same. After you have contact with your Representative, please drop us a note at to let us know how it went, give us your feedback and address any concerns they may have relayed to …

Internet Gambling is Not Illegal in the US via the UIGEA

As Casino Gambling Web representatives prepare for their trip to Washington D.C. this week, to lobby on behalf of the American people who would like to see Internet gambling legalized and regulated, the researchers who are preparing the files to be delivered by those representatives came across a FAQ document located on the House Financial Services website that clearly explains the scope of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which supposedly banned online gambling when it was sneakily passed in the last moments of last years congressional sessions.

The very first question of the FAQ document was this one…

‘What is the current federal law related to Internet gambling?’

The answer clearly defines the scope of the UIGEA…

“In 2006, the House passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, restricting the handling of payments by U.S. financial institutions for unlawful forms of Internet gambling. That law prohibits the use of payment instruments by such institutions to handle the processing of any form of Internet gambling that is illegal under U.S. federal or state law.”

This means that only that which is illegal under federal or state law is covered under the UIGEA.

Under federal law it was ruled that the 1969 Federal Wire Act covers sports wagering via the Internet. That makes sports gambling online illegal in the United States. There currently is NO federal law that makes online casino games such as poker, blackjack, slots, craps, roulette, video poker, or other casino games illegal.

According to further research there are only 11 states in the US that have explicit laws that prohibit gambling from occurring online. This means that in 39 states in American gambling online is not illegal, even though the FBI and the DoJ state that it is, and even though the mainstream media reports the belief, not fact, that it is.

Those in the gambling industry understand that placing bets online is not illegal, but it is time the government and the mainstream media stop spreading their ignorance to the naive who will listen to anything they say.…